As a last point, we have listed some recommendations for a quiet day that everyone should follow, even if they might decide not to join the “International Noise Awareness Day”.•    Become aware of the noise you create on your own.

  • Do not produce any more noise than necessary and/or inevitable, given the circumstances. Pay attention to everyone's right of silence.
  •  Respect everyone's right of silence.
  • ALWAYS wear hearing protection when required or recommended. Only use products with optimal hearing protection.
  • Check your kid's toys! Clickers and alarm pistols can damage hearing, even after a small time of exposure.
  • Before each activity, check if hearing protection is needed, e.g. when mowing lawn, cutting hedges or doing home improvements.
  • Avoid leisure activities that might expose you to high sound levels.
  • Avoid leisure activties that might expose you to a lot of noise.
  • Check possible critical volume control levels on your radio and TV devices.
  • Do not use your horn for fun or out of carelessness.
  • Review your habits: does the radio or TV have to be on as background noise?
  • Get your hearing checked periodically by experts.
  • Encourage your friends and neighbors to follow suit and check off and review the points above each day.

All of these bullet points can be done with little effort, but have a massive impact! Therefore, consider all of these points again and take one or two of them to heart.

All of our ears (especially your own) will thank you for it.

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