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The International Noise Awareness Day is taking place in Germany since 1998. The sensitization in relation to the problem of noise along with the spreading of knowledge about causes and consequences of noise (both socially and health wise) are elementary constituents of the “Noise Awareness Day”. In addition to that, continued education of the population about sound and its impact, as well as sustainable reduction measures fit for the different spheres of life represent a central task of this initiative. By the use of activities, all revolving around the “Noise Awareness Day”, the public is sustainably informed about the topic of noise in terms of change of noise polluted life situations.

Through its continuity over the past 20 years and its public acceptance, the „Noise Awareness Day“ has become an institution that has a permanent place in Germany’s calendar. The “Noise Awareness Day” takes place in April, always scheduled coordinated with the “International Noise Awareness Day”. Prof. Dr. Brigitte Schulte-Fortkamp has been the directress of the “Noise Awareness Day” campaign since it first took place in 1998.

The “Noise Awareness Day” is aiming everyone who is interested in noise, its causes, consequences and countering, including people affected by noise, subject-specific interested groups and people with political responsibilities (citizens, economy, politics).
The “Noise Awareness Day” helps citizens create competent solutions for noise problems. However, there is also a focus on imparting knowledge about the importance of protecting the sense of hearing.

With the help of the yearly occurring campaign day, the DEGA (Deutsche Gesellschaft für Akustik, “German Association of Acoustic”) is informing the public – with a focus on children and teenagers – versatilely about the different types of noise problems and its consequences.  Through the support of the media, people with political responsibilities are made aware of this problem and thereby, an influence on the progression of the noise control politics is ensured. This campaign day therefore also has the aim to promote long-term, sustainable strengthening and immersion of the topic noise-related environmentalism.

The DEGA does not only pool nationwide activities with its technical committees such as “Lärm: Wirkung und Schutz” (Noise: Impact and Protection), “Hörakustik” (Audiology) and the “Arbeitsring Lärm der DEGA (ALD)” around the “Noise Awareness Day”, but also does its own activities. These activities do not only address the current relevant issues, but also known noise problems in the public. Over the past years, many events were conducted, regarding issues such as aircraft noise, noise-related activities or 30 km/h zones on arterial roads. In Berlin, Coswig, Darmstadt, Munich and Siegen, participants were led to both noisy areas and “quiet zones” in their respective residential environment or commune, all under the aspect of “sound walks” with the goal to demonstrate different types of noise, as well as preventive measures already taken. Within the frame of the “Noise Awareness Day 2013”, a “noise suitcase” was developed for schools, containing measuring instruments and teaching units including instructions for experiments concerning the evaluation of sound and its impact. Information regarding the “noise suitcase”, available for lending for not only schools, but also organizations or public institutions, can be found here. The “noise suitcase” was developed by Brigitte Schulte-Fortkamp and her team in a project funded by the Umweltbundesamt (Federal Environment Agency) in Germany.

DEGA's long term partners (such as the Berufsgenossenschaft der Bauwirtschaft (building sector's trade association, short BG Bau) and the Gesundheitsladen München (health shop Munich)) conduct activities regarding the “Noise Awareness Day” (e.g. training's for the apprentices thematizing the dangers of noise exposure).

The number of participants and activities on the subject of noise pollution that all happen in relation to the “Noise Awareness Day” is enormously large every year.
To ensure a consistent image for all activities, each year placards and flyers are prepared with special focus on the respective chosen motto, which can be ordered for free (only the packaging fee will be charged). All material of the past years can be found here.

As a result of the nationwide broadcasting of the “Noise Awareness Day” over the internet plattform and the high number of agency reports regarding the “Noise Awareness Day”, a broad dissemination in both local and nationwide press regarding these topics can and has been achieved. In doing so, not only do the press release subjects regarding the “Noise Awareness Day” get picked up, but local noise problems get discussed.

Join the “International Noise Awareness Day” and with your action, contribute to a continuing enlightenment about sound and its impact, so that the topic of noise, or respectively noise mitigation may stay on everyone's lips and may be recognized with a level of importance that it deserves.

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