Incentive and goals

„For the people in Germany, noise is still one of the biggest environmental-disturbances. They are most bothered by traffic noise (54%). But also neighborhood noise (ca. 40%) as well as air craft noise (21%) are perceived as a disturbance.“ [UBA 2015]

This has been a well-known problem for years. Some things have changed: there are low-noise road surfaces, quieter airplanes and tires, that are constructed to be quieter on the road. However, in general, the pollution seems to be increasing; sleep is not let undisturbed and new studies have shown an impact on the cardiovascular system. Children's, teenager's and adult's performance capability is affected.

The quality of life is suffering. Commitment is much needed:
Regulations alone are not the answer. More knowledge about noise exposure is required; most of all specifically on how to avoid severe noise exposure.

What makes up the sound that disturbs?
When does sound become noise?
Many studies show that din and noise contribute to negative psychological and physiological changes in the human being, just like similar stressors. Neither a singular person, nor a group of people will unquestioned endure noise becoming a „natural byproduct“ of the society.

As a matter of fact, traffic noise has become the main objection of the population. Not only is noise a neuralgic point for adults, but especially for our children.

The biggest goal of the International Noise Awareness Day is to attract attention to the noise problem and to establish and nurture the awareness for hearing.
This goal can be achieved by many different ways. The actions below are just a small selection of possible activities and merely have the purpose of conveying an idea on how to achieve this goal:

  • Free hearing threshold testing
  • Lectures and movies about hearing
  • Lectures about aspects of sound and sounds
  • Open forums and discussion events
  • Reports by affected people that come from heavily noise exposed areas
  • Interviews or discussions with experts for hearing research
  • Level measurement at interesting public places and/or instutions
  • Hearing demonstrations open for participation
  • Organization of the event „15 seconds of silence“ on the „Noise Awareness Day“ at 2:15pm
  • Author's readings regarding the topic „noise“
  • Dramatic play: „Acoustic Journey Through The Day“
  • Open day, for example at ENT clinics
  • Educational and informational events

Any other types of activities that arouse interest about problems with focus on noise and its impact are welcome.

For specific examples, please regard the activities that have been conducted to this year's International Noise Awareness Day since 1998.

To address a broad basis of people, it is necessary to max out all available possibilities and to present and make them available them in a compact way on the International Noise Awareness Day. The suggestions for activities listed above are supposed to be conducted at schools, universities, health departments, ENT clinics, and other public institutions. The entire event is supported by the press, TV and radio and gets nationally promoted by each of these.

The more activities with the goal to inform about the impact of exposure to noise take place on the International Noise Awareness Day, the bigger the demand for silence will be.

People and institutes, that are willing to participate in the International Noise Awareness Day, are still needed for the nationwide implementation of all activities. Please decide yourself, which activity you would like to initiate and conduct!

For this purpose, contact us and present your ideas and suggestions. According to your own preference and conditions, your activities can be structured individually!

Also read the tips for how to best participate on the International Noise Awareness Day.

Should you not have the opportunity to conduct any activities, but are interested in the International Noise Awareness Day, please do contact us, we would love to help you out.

We would be thrilled if you could tell your colleagues, friends and acquaintances, neighbors and any other interested people about our activities, so that this campaign may reach its goal: A Noise Awareness Day

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