“Noise experts”: (meaning acousticians, physicists, engineers and other scientists, physicians and psychologists, hearing aid acousticians, audiologists and other institutes that deal with noise and its impact):

Get in contact with local citizen's initiatives and federations regarding questions about noise. Organize hearing tests for free. Support schools and other educational institutions with the planning and performance of campaigns around the “International Noise Awareness Day”.

Citizen's initiatives and self-help groups:

Organize a local meet up for people that feel affected by noise. Arrange for some of the “noise experts” mentioned above to do noise measurements. Inform yourself about statutory measurement methods and norms that come into effect in Germany.

Citizen’s initiatives, associations and individuals:

Get in contact with local institutes such as acoustic centers, ENT-clinics and -doctors, health authorities, universities, etc. Contact the Federal Environment Agency and the Federal Health Board. Inquire your local hearing aid acousticians and audiologists about free hearing tests. Acquire information material about noise, noise impact and hearing damage.

Teachers and pupils:

Organize teaching events about the topic of noise. Noise can be looked at from different angles: physical, medical, biological, political, societal, historical, … aspects! Establish working groups. Conduct informational events about noise impact and hearing damage. Induce your pupils to take hearing tests or take the entire class to a free hearing test.

To all participants:

Tell your relatives, friends and acquaintances about your experiences with noise. Explain the danger and risks of noise regarding health and wellbeing. Encourage others to wear hearing protection when required or recommended. Respect everyone's right of silence and help protect silence. Check yourself with respect to the noise you create. Participate on the “International Noise Awareness Day” by joining the “15 Seconds of Silence” at 2:15pm and convince as much of your friends as you can to do the same.

(We strongly urge individuals, organizations, citizen's initiatives and others to turn to “noise experts” to ensure the greatest possible impact with all activities!)

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